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ImageQube Installation

ImageQube is a client/server application. This means that one part of the application will reside on your computer (the client) and it will access the ImageQube application server (the server).
ImageQube uses Oracle's Java Web Start to accomplish the client application loading.

For installation on computers with limited memory, click the "Install ImageQube" below.
Install ImageQube

For advanced installations with memory management, click the "Advanced Installation" below.
Advanced ImageQube Installation

Java WebStart Installation

If Java Web Start is not properly installed and you proceed with the ImageQube Client installation, a pop-up error message will appear.

If you do not have Java Web Start on your computer, simply click the "Install Java Web Start" below. You will need Administrator privileges on the computer.
Once Java Web Start is installed you can proceed with the ImageQube Client installation.


Some browsers have security features that block downloads and pop-ups. When prompted, allow all downloads and pop-ups in order to proceed with the installation.

If you are having trouble downloading the software and would like assistance, please call Intuitive Imaging Informatics support at (800) 972-2799. Select the Remote Support button to allow access to your desktop using Team Viewer.

Once the ImageQube client application is installed on your computer, you will no longer need an Internet Browser to access ImageQube.
You can close all browsers once the ImageQube application is started. You will be prompted to Save a desktop icon on you desktop, select YES when prompted.